Group Workshops

Presented in an engaging and dynamic way, the 3 step process will give you all the knowledge required to begin your circular breath journey.

Private Lessons

For remote learning, Skype lessons are available to start you on your Circular Breath experience.

The ‘BSP’

Purpose built for students of circular breath. This telescopic ‘Breath Strengthening Pipe‘ makes music and medical improvement fun and easy. Simply extend the pipe to lower the tone and increase breath intensity.

Better your Life : Breathe : Sleep ...with circular breath.

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Thanks for a great session Haitch! The way you broke down the technique into smaller chunks was really helpful. I made good progress and I have come away confident that I will get there with some practice. This was more helpful than a full day workshop I did some time ago, elsewhere. Namaste!

John Rodriquez

Breath Strengthening Pipe Now Available Online

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Where will your ‘bee’ take you?









Breath Strengthening Pipe Now Available Online

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