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Haitch is a South East Queensland musician and composer. Bringing a fresh twist to the world music, devotional and yoga scenes. His musical style is both expansive and deep. Sharing music to movement in Yoga classes, holding multi-instrumental concerts, facilitating sound healing journeys as well as private tuition.

Looking to nature for inspiration and world cultures for instruments, his uniqueness lies in the moving fusion created with both uncommon and classical instruments. Including Native American flutes, Yidaki (didgeridoo), slide Didge, Taishogoto, Baja, Trumpet, Mellophone, Tibetan singing bowls, Duclar, Overtone flutes, Piano, hand percussion, vocals and synthesizers.

Haitch also runs sharing his passion for this age old technique, used for music and medically diagnosed sleep and breathing disorders.

Circular Breath also manufactures a range of telescopic style didgeridoo or ‘Breath Strengthening Pipes’ here in Australia.