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*** Workshops for 2017 have now come to a close. Please contact Haitch to organize a 1-1 private lesson via Skype or Facetime to start your Circular Breath learning experience.

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More events coming to East Coast Australia mid 2018

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Circular Breath is a mouth and throat breathing technique ideal for people who suffer from Sleep Apnea, Snoring & Asthma. As well as budding didgeridoo players!

Comprehensive experiential Circular Breath workshops are taught in 3 simple steps, suitable for all ages. Both theory and practice are combined to share all the knowledge necessary to master this technique.

Beneficial for people with medically diagnosed sleep disorders, Circular Breath is used to strengthen the upper air way muscles and traditionally to play Yidaki, didgeridoo and other world flute, reed and brass instruments.

This mouth and throat breathing technique is not a form of regular pranayama that is taught in yoga.

All materials are provided during the workshop. You may wish to take a photo of the whiteboard at the conclusion of the workshop for future reference.

Teaching workshops for many years, Haitch makes learning Circular Breath a fun and engaging experience.


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All events have cash and card payment for door sales entries. Plus CD’s, merchandise and instruments for you to take home!

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